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Qualities of an excellent copywriter

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More and more people are persuing a career in the field of Digital Marketing. Copywriting has also become an attractive choice for those who love to express their creativity through the medium of writing. But what makes for a competent or good copywriter?

In broad terms, three aspects are always important to function effectively in any particular role: experience, knowledge and skills (abilities)

(1) Experience: good all round business experience enable writers to relate and engage with business owners operating in diverse industries. They are also able to grasp quicker what the business hopes to achieve and to write about it with insight.

(2) Knowledge: the digital marketing field is dynamic and can undergo significant changes in a short space of time. Writers need to keep abreast with trends and best practice which include: E-mail; Search Engine; Pay-Per Click; Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile; Blogging and Analytics.

(3) Skills: Writers who produce engaging content on a consistent basis are able to:

a. Communicate well both in writing first (which include grammar) and foremost, but also verbally

b. Converse and engage with business or website owners in an interesting way to extract the essential information

c. Build meaningful relationships as the insight into a business and industry will grow with time

d. Provide excellent customer service which includes meeting deadlines (diligence)and delivering outputs of the highest quality

e. Collaborate and work with other team members to complete a particular project

f. Be creative or use his/her imagination as the online audience craves fresh, original and compelling content

g. Remain curious and do research on an ongoing basis

h. Observe and tell stories to capture and convey events, whether significant or just the usual day to day

i. Multitask as the online writer’s contribution is often one part of a bigger project

j. Demonstrate versatility as some projects may require a more formal approach whereas others may not

k. Encourage feedback which may at times include criticism

l. Use plain (English) language as online readers prefer simplicity and clarity

m. Listen and taking notes which will become invaluable during the writing phase

n. Read enthusiastically on a wide range of topics

o. Borrow from others (also known as curation) and give the necessary credit to their sources

p. Sense of humour to engage with an online audience who typically has a short concentration span



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