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First things first

On June 17, 2015, Posted by , in Websites, With No Comments

One of the mistakes that so many service providers make, is to assume that everybody is on the same page. The logic goes something like this: we know, therefore everybody should know. Not cool!

A business website is the equivalent of the physical business premises on the web. It is the heart of the organisation’s web presence.

Think of a leading company in the country. Got one? Now imagine they did not have a website. What would your perception be of this business? In fact, you would probably have difficulty believing that they don’t one. You may even convince yourself that they do have one but that it is just not functional at the moment, maybe due to technical reasons. This is how unthinkable it has become in today’s day and age.

We can therefore establish this fact at the outset: a reputable business or organisation needs a website. After all, it is to the website we go to learn about the business, its services, products and anything else that is of importance to decide whether we want to make use of it. And we can do so 24/7/365 – in the convenience of our own homes.

Hopefully all the information we need is there and easy to find. Hopefully the site will also tell us why we should use their services or products, as opposed to their competitors’. If the site is used to sell their products, hopefully they will tell us what procedures we need to follow and assure us that it is safe to do so. And of course, if we need to contact them after concluding the sale, how we go about it.

In sum then: yes, having a website is entry to the game. But its really the quality of the content that will generate the return visits to the site!

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